OM: McCourt also opposes Super League

OM owner Frank McCourt is publicly opposed to the Super League. The American businessman believes that this project does not conform to the culture of sport in Europe.

The Olympique de Marseille, too, says no. Almost 48 hours after the officialization of the Super League, however already weakened by cascading withdrawals, Frank McCourt spoke on Tuesday evening to express his opposition to this semi-closed European competition project. The American owner has not only communicated on a personal level, but also on behalf of OM.

“All of us at Olympique Marseille strongly oppose the proposals made by some clubs to create a European Super League,” Frank McCourt said in a statement.

McCourt advocates respect for European culture

The former owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball franchise used his experience to defend his opinion: “As an American who has had the privilege of being an executive and owner of clubs on both continents, I learned that the culture of sport in Europe is very different from that of the United States and must be respected. In Europe, the system is not based on centralization of power and gratification in the hands of a few. some “.

“Of course, we have to find a model that is sustainable and that requires changes. This is the effort undertaken by UEFA, which we support,” added Frank McCourt, who therefore aligns himself with the position defended by Paris Saint-Germain and Olympique Lyonnais.

No French club is among the twelve founders of the Super League. However, according to AFP information, at least two French teams were hoped for by the organizers. Approached, PSG have chosen to remain loyal to UEFA and the Champions League.


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