OM live: "It was very difficult for me at first", says Luis Henrique

Presented as a nugget, how does he experience this pressure?

“Football is like that. There is a lot of pressure and expectations but I try to show every day, in every game what I can do. I am comfortable with the pressure from the supporters, I am relaxed. I keep a cool head and try to play as happily as possible. “

He does not regret his choice to have joined OM

“No, I do my job, I follow my dreams. I arrived with great joy and courage because it was my first club in Europe.”

“Alvaro, Balerdi and Lirola helped me”

“The game that gave me the most confidence was against Nice. I started. I had two assists. All the others are important because I have to improve. ‘helped when I got here it’s Alvaro, Balerdi, Lirola because they speak Spanish but I also speak with others. “

Ready to play center-forward?

“It’s a position in which I haven’t played a lot, maybe two or three times in Botafaogo. It’s a different position because we don’t always have the ball and I like it. having it in my feet. If I practice, I don’t think it will be a problem. But I really like play ing on the wing. “

“The game is more intense in France,” says Henrique

“The game is more intense here. The training sessions are perhaps more technical and slower in Brazil. I had to adapt to that but also to the wet lawns and the weather.”

On the bad trick played against Sampaoli in Brazil

“It’s a game we won. He put me up when he saw me here. It was an important Brazilian league game to be in the top three. It was one of my best games. with Botafogo. “

“It was very difficult for me at the beginning”

“It was very difficult for me at the beginning, I had never left the country. The club helped me a lot with people who helped me in my steps. I improved. Now I am much better at comfortable, I manage to communicate with everyone, to dribble, to travel. I adapt better and better. “

What he lacks to establish himself as a holder

“Maybe I lack a little more confidence in my game, especially in the one-on-one. I have to be stronger when I get closer to the goal.”

What Sampaoli expects from him

“He’s a very good coach who helps us a lot. He has a very hard way of training us but I enjoy his work very much. It’s very hard in the intensity and the training but I love what he is doing. Done. My new position? It’s a new experience. I have to improve myself to put more pressure on the opposing players. I’m doing the best I can to stick my opponent. “

He looks back on his adaptation since his arrival

“When I arrived I didn’t have the opportunity to play a lot. I stepped up my training because I knew my time was coming. I had the opportunity to show what I can do. I’m happy to help the team. “

On its repositioning

“I feel good. On the other hand, it’s a new position in the team. I hope to improve as much as possible.”

Luis Henrique arrives accompanied by his French teacher!

“I’m Luis Henrique. Sorry, I don’t speak much French but I understand very well”, begins the player, accompanied by his French teacher.

Hello and welcome to everyone!

OM relaunched in the race for Europe by winning against Dijon (2-0) last week. The Marseillais are 6th one point behind Lens, 5th, before moving to Montpellier, another competitor, 8th three lengths from Marseille.


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