OM: Larguet does not intend to integrate the staff of Sampaoli

Nasser Larguet, interim coach of OM, was questioned on Friday about the imminent arrival of Jorge Sampaoli on the Marseille bench. If he could not confirm the info, the technician assured that he will return to training when a new coach is appointed. Without asking for anything more.

Officially, OM are still looking for a new coach to replace André Villas-Boas. Unofficially, this one has already been found, and is called Jorge Sampaoli. But while waiting for the disciple of Marcelo Bielsa to put his bags down in Marseille, it is Nasser Larguet who continues to act on the Olympian bench, and who will lead Marseille a priori against Lyon on Sunday evening. Without worrying too much about the noises that circulate.

“I have no more information than you, I read all this in the press, said the technician at a press conference this Friday, after a question about Sampaoli. I continue my work, as long as a new trainer does not I am not named I am myself in the shoes of a coach to make the performance. The last games have shown that the team has stopped the spiral of defeat, it is finding itself, it is trying to make results. “

“To seek a place within the staff, it is not my objective”

Larguet wants to be quite clear about his future: “The day a staff will arrive, I will simply return with the training. To seek a place within the staff, it is not my objective.”

As for the current lack of visibility, the head of the training center does not take offense either. “It does not bother me, he assures. I continue to do the work, I am an employee of the club, the club asks me to train this team, to give it some peace of mind, that’s what I do. We are in our bubble. There is still a lot of work but I try to do it with conviction and passion. “

Gueye: “For the moment our coach is Nasser Larguet. He’s doing a good job, we are focused”

A little earlier, midfielder Pape Gueye was also questioned about the imminent arrival of the former coach of Chile and Argentina. “I think it’s too early to talk about it, we don’t have any information on the coach, he said. For now our coach is Nasser Larguet. He’s doing a good job, we are focused, we have important games, that’s what matters to us at the moment. “

And when it is time, the workforce will adapt, as always. “There we changed coach once, these are things that happen in football, coaches come and go, observes Gueye. We have to deal with it, move forward and focus on the next matches.”


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