OM: Eyraud denounces "Coalition" against him and manipulated supporters

In a long interview with So Foot, Jacques-Henri Eyraud, removed from his duties as OM president last week, regrets the action of some supporters he considers instrumentalized.

Since last week, Jacques-Henri Eyraud is no longer the president of OM. Target of criticism, he was dismissed in favor of Pablo Longoria, former sports director, and is content with a role on the supervisory board. In an interview with So Foot, the leader uses the metaphor of television series to qualify his stint at the helm of OM between 2016 and February 2021. “Football, and OM in particular, is like Game of Thrones or Sons of Anarchy, actually, he explains. But when it comes to series, I prefer the Peaky Blinders hero code of honor. “

He confides to have “morflé” and taken a lot of “white hair”. He attacks in particular the supporters with whom, he assures him, he had nevertheless established a bond of trust. “People cannot imagine the relationship I can have with some of them, other than CU84, which radicalized and cut off all contact for almost a year. Three weeks before the invasion from the Commandery, I was in a room discussing with a group and responding to their criticisms and it had gone very well, we were discussing normally. “

“I have clearly identified the coalition which is against me”

He is obviously very interested in the investigation into the violence at La Commanderie, committed on January 30 by several hundred supporters. “The investigation consists in knowing if this operation was planned, and if so, by whom … We will try to establish the responsibilities of each one, and I will not make amalgamation between thugs and supporters of the OM. “

According to him, some of the supporters are being manipulated. “Some are yes, he confides. Others may have a vision that is not ours. You know, when I arrived at the head of the club and we saw that I I had started my career at Disney, I was immediately credited with installing cheerleaders and mascots at the Velodrome. Four and a half years later, you find cheerleaders at Angers or Reims Not in Marseille And corner tickets are 9 euros for ultras We are very attached to the popular identity of this club, we do not want to make it the Arsenal of the Emirates Stadium with annual subscriptions to 1000 pounds. “

“JHE” claims to know the origin of its detractors. “The coalition that is against me, I have identified it well, he explains. It is made up first of all of those who dream of owning OM or of leading it. And then you have dismissed employees. or former players. ” “You have ultras, now banned from the stadium, who have committed embezzlement, sidelined providers who are spreading in the local press”, he adds, targeting the newspaper La Provence which has, according to him, “a clear responsibility in the current climate, it has crossed the border of defamation and public insults… “

Nicolas Couet Journalist RMC Sport


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