Olympics 2021: the missing Ugandan weightlifter surrendered to the police

Julius Ssekitoleko, the Ugandan weightlifter who has been missing since arriving in Japan for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, has surrendered to police in Mie Prefecture.

Julius Ssekitoleko (20) has been found. The Ugandan weightlifter was missing after arriving in Japan with his delegation for the 2021 Tokyo Olympics on July 16. He was found in Mie prefecture far from Isumizano, in the suburb of Osaka where he had defected from his training camp.


He allegedly went to a police station in Yokkaichi City himself. The police are now trying to establish how the athlete managed to lose them. Julius Ssekitoleko was spotted on Monday by a surveillance camera at Nagoya station, which he had joined after taking the Shinkanzen, Japan’s very high-speed train.

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Julius Ssekitoleko had left a letter at his delegation’s hotel explaining his defection. “I will not return to a country that is difficult to live in, I want to work in Japan,” he wrote, indicating that he left all his belongings to his wife back in the country. The 20-year-old weightlifter was hoping for an Olympics qualification via a wild card, but it did not come. He was to return to his country on July 20.

He had joined the archipelago in mid-June in the company of eight other athletes, coaches and executives. Two non-athletic members tested positive for coronavirus soon after. The whole group had to do quarantine in stride.


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