Olympic Games Tokyo: Three months from the start, Japan declares a new state of emergency

Three months before the start of the Tokyo Olympics, Japan has officially declared a new state of emergency as the country faces a major fourth wave of coronavirus.

The Tokyo Olympics kick off in three months and there is still uncertainty over how the competition will be held. Faced with a major fourth wave of coronavirus, Japan declared a new state of emergency in its main metropolises, in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.

A sharp increase in contamination has been recorded with the arrival of new variants of Covid-19. Faced with this, the Japanese government has stepped up its sanitary measures, announcing the closure of restaurants, bars, shopping malls and department stores.

Japan also wants to limit travel in its country and has suspended several train and coach lines. The government also announced that the sporting events would take place without spectators. A trend which suggests that the Olympic Games could also be held without an audience.

Japan remains determined to host the competition

Despite this new state of emergency declared on the territory, the Japanese government does not want to give up hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games this summer.

The officials indicate that these emergency measures will have no impact on the holding of the competition three months before the official start (23 July – 8 August). In Japan, the number of cases has skyrocketed since the last device was lifted in March, leading the Japanese country to initiate a new state of emergency.


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