Olympic Games 2024: mobilization to save plots in the allotment gardens of Aubervilliers

In view of the Paris Olympic Games in 2024, part of the Vertus d’Aubervilliers allotment gardens must be transformed into an aquatic center. Nearly 500 people demonstrated this Saturday against this project.

“Pumpkins, not concrete!”: Nearly 500 people demonstrated on Saturday in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis) to defend the 18 plots of allotment gardens which must disappear in favor of an aquatic center which will be used for the Olympic Games in Paris in 2024.

For Ginette, 83, “the garden allows you to breathe, to relax”. She has owned a plot of land for 35 years which allows her to “grow fruits and vegetables”. With a straw hat on her head and a Venetian mask on her face, this elegant “gardener in struggle” believes that there is already “not enough green space”.

Several politicians came to give their support

The 2.5 hectares (25,000m2) of Vertus d’Aubervilliers workers’ gardens, located less than 4 km north of Paris, constitute an enclave of greenery. These gardens will be reduced by nearly 4,000 m2 in a few weeks for the construction of the future aquatic center, used as a training center for the Olympic Games, but also for the creation of a solarium and other leisure facilities.

“We want apples and not a solarium”, protests Dolores Mijatovic of the Collectives of the workers’ gardens of Aubervilliers who has filed an appeal against the local urban plan. The “Destruction” and “No to the Paris-2024 Olympics” banners mingled with the LFI, EELV or Generations flags. The deputy LFI of Seine-Saint-Denis Bastien Lachaud as well as other political figures of the left and environmentalists came to give their support.

Robin Wattraint with AFP Journalist RMC Sport


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