OL: "There are trends", Aulas talks about the coach for next season

While Rudi Garcia’s contract will end in June, OL president Jean-Michel Aulas assured this Tuesday that he had not decided who will be his coach next season. And for good reason, before extending the technician or choosing another, the manager wants to see how Lyon will end the season.

The soap opera will last a few more weeks. At a press conference on Tuesday, to discuss Marcelo’s extension until 2023 and answer journalists’ questions, OL president Jean-Michel Aulas spoke on the thorny question of the next coach.

Indeed, Rudi Garcia’s contract will come to an end on June 30. Will Aulas extend it? Or choose another technician in his place? Mystery. “The situation has not changed, we made the decision not to sign up before the end of the season, he repeated. Not to annoy you or make the suspense last, but because we think it’s the best situation for everyone. What we have in mind is to go as high as possible. It’s not easy, we saw the other day against the PSG that we almost did not ensure the level that is ours, and then we got back behind … It’s very tight. “

“Of course there are trends, but I keep them to myself”

In other words, Aulas is waiting to see the spring results. “We respect what we said a very long time ago, he continued. Of course there are trends, but I keep them to myself. We regularly discuss them with several hypotheses, but the the best hypothesis is to be champions. (…) Experience has shown us that the less we rush to make decisions, the more serene we are. “

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As for the rumors Christophe Galtier or Lucien Favre, they would be according to JMA unfounded. “I can assure you that there was no contact made with a trainer other than Rudi, affirms the president. Anyone who thinks they know does not know, and is more likely to be wrong than to tell the truth … “

One thing is certain: Garcia will have more arguments in case of a title. “It would be awkward of me to tell you the opposite, Aulas admits. But it will not be the determining element, either in one way or the other. I cannot say that if we are not champions , the technical staff will not stay. We are pragmatic. Everything is possible, and above all what is necessary is that we finish very strong. “


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