OL live: Garcia and Marcelo’s confession before Lens

The good atmosphere at OL

Marcelo: “The atmosphere in the group is wonderful, everyone feels good, it’s positive. The Brazilians? The club are used to it. The Brazilians give good energy to the group.”

No joker for OL?

Marcelo: “We have a lot of motivation. There are 8 games left, if we win them, we will be champions, we have to play as a team as we already have.”

The match against Lens

Marcelo: “It’s not easy to play there, Lens is in good shape. They are confident. We need to give 100% and win the game there.”

The defeat against PSG

Marcelo: “We need to forget this game. We didn’t play as we hoped in the first half.”

On the break with more players than usual

Marcelo: “We worked a lot on the physical part. To stay up to date. It’s an important moment, it’s the final sprint in the championship. The mental aspect will also play a role.”

Here we go with Marcelo

Marcelo on Denayer’s future: “I hope he will extend, he is a player who has a lot of quality. He does not talk too much but his attitude is always positive. It gives us confidence.”

Good morning all

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow OL’s press conference live with Rudi Garcia and Marcelo. Les Gones will challenge Lens on Saturday during the 31st day of Ligue 1.


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