OL live: follow Garcia and Caqueret’s press conference

Caqueret would like to be more decisive

“I try to do the best possible to help my team, to be the best to be able to play match after match. One axis of progression is to score more goals, to make more assists, to be more dangerous in the last few meters. I did it a lot when I was young. It’s up to me to work, to do it in a match, to recover this aspect. It’s something that can help the team, and me too for the ‘future. I know I can do it, that’s why it’s an axis of progression. I don’t focus on it. Scoring is not a priority for me. “

Caqueret talks about the competition in the middle

“I feel good with all circles of the workforce. With Bruno [Guimaraes] and Lucas [Paqueta], we have shown that we have good complementarity. Whether with Thiago [Mendes] or Houssem [Aouar], it’s the same. We know how to play together. It helps the team in the last few games. We know that we are a launching pad for the team “.

“The return of Houssem [Aouar]is a real plus for the team. It is a very big plus for us to find him. After that, are we going to find the middle of Final 8? It’s not that important. There is a very healthy competition which pushes us to fight “.

Caqueret: “Possibly this is an open match”

About AS Monaco: “They are on an incredible dynamic. In a match, we know that nothing has been decided. We have a very large squad, a very good team to compete with this one. We will give our all. against them tomorrow, and in a week in the league. It’s possible that it will be an open game with a lot of goals. We are prepared to play the best possible game. “

Caqueret: “Glad to have found playing time”

“I feel pretty good, I’m happy to have some playing time. That’s what I wanted, so it’s good for me and for the team too. We have three wins in a row. We will have to continue on this momentum. That’s what we want to do and we know where we want to go. We are a great club, we are there for that and to go as high as possible “.

Caqueret: “It’s a goal”

“It’s a game that we are preparing well to make the best possible match, because this is also a goal, this Coupe de France. We do not think of the title or the Champions League. After, we will move on to something else to get back on the championship “.

Let’s go with Caqueret

Maxence Caqueret arrived for the start of the press conference.


Good morning all. Welcome to this RMC Sport live to follow the Olympique Lyonnais press conference live on the eve of the Coupe de France quarter-final against AS Monaco (Wednesday 9:10 pm).

Maxence Caqueret and Rudi Garcia will speak from 5 p.m.


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