OL: Juninho "congratulate" Marcelo for his reconciliation with the supporters

Targeted by some of the supporters of OL at the end of 2019, and then close to a departure, the Brazilian defender Marcelo managed to reconcile with the public. On the occasion of the officialization of his extension until 2023, sporting director Juninho underlined his good attitude on Tuesday.

The scene had marked the spirits. On December 10, 2019, when OL had just confirmed their qualification for the knockout stages of the Champions League against Leipzig (2-2), a clash took place at Groupama Stadium between some Lyon players and their own supporters. , because of an offensive banner aimed at Marcelo.

The Brazilian defender was then plunged into a deep conflict with part of Kop Virage Nord, and seemed close to a departure, to protect himself from attacks and protect his relatives.

Fifteen months later, the temperature has dropped again, and it is all smiles that the 33-year-old spoke on Tuesday about his contract extension until 2023. At the same time receiving the congratulations from the sporting director Juninho.

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“Since we settled the problems between the players and the fans, the team has played better on the pitch”

“Marcelo is a player who works a lot, he is one of the leaders of our group, first slipped the former gunner. But I congratulate him especially because the problem he had with the supporters was not easy. to manage, and it was he who took a step back, it was he who realized that the supporters will always be right. This is how it works in football, we cannot control thousands supporters who think mostly from their hearts. So I congratulate him on that. “

And Juninho insisted: “It’s something that has marked me since I joined the club. Since we settled the problems between the players and the supporters, the team has played better on the pitch. . Today the relationship is not 100% ideal, but it is much better. “

How did Marcelo manage to patch things up with those who insulted him? “It was not easy, he smiles. But as I said before, we are all fighting for the same team, we are working to give OL a good level and the supporters are part of our work. , of our life. We’re going in the same direction. I think it’s over, so now we’re going to look ahead and keep going. “


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