North Korea: There is still no case of corona virus in the country: North Korea told WHO

North Korea (Photo Credits: IANS)

North Korea, April 7: About a year ago, North Korea, at the beginning of the transition, called the effort to keep the country epidemic-free as “a question of the existence of the nation”. North Korea has closed its borders, prohibits the arrival of tourists and diplomats have also been removed from the country. Thousands of people with signs of infection have been kept in isolation, but even then North Korea says that not a single case of COVID-19 (COVID-19) has been reported in its country. This is a claim that is difficult to believe because North Korea’s health system is not in good shape and the country’s business is also with China affected by the infection and this business is a lifeline for its economy.

North Korea’s representative of the World Health Organization, Advil Salvador, told the ‘Associated Press’ on Wednesday that North Korea said it had examined 23,121 people from the beginning of the epidemic to April 1, but none of them were found to be infected. . Salvador said that North Korea investigated 732 people between March 26 and April 1. Also read: ‘bad’ levels of body weight and cholesterol can cause risk of Kovid

WHO officials said that North Korea is no longer sharing the number of people sent to the abode with the agency. North Korea said on Tuesday that it would not take part in the Tokyo Olympics to protect its players from the corona virus.

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