Noré (Secret Story) disfigured: return to the emergency room, suffering and great fear

The ordeal was not over for Noré. On January 14, 2021, the candidate of Secret Story 11 (2017) had to go once again to the emergency room, in the middle of the night. Information disclosed by his wife Kamila on her Snapchat account.

The hell button. This is the title we would have chosen if we had made a film on the current situation of Kenan’s dad (2 months). On January 12, the southerner had to go to the emergency room and revealed that he had to take exams. “My husband hurts me too much. He had a pimple at the base and watch how it turned out. Hope it won’t get worse. In addition it is painful“So explained Kamila. The next day, Noré resumed the course of his life and his dear and tender reassured their fans by declaring:”He has infectious cellulitis. Occasionally he has pimples near his eyes. Once it turned into a boil. I tell him each time not to touch them, but he didn’t listen to me. He wanted to puncture it and by puncturing it, instead of the pus coming out from the outside, it stayed inside and it stagnated. (…) It’s scary. Fortunately we treated it in time because it can do damage. This is not trivial. It’s going a little bit so I’m happy.

Sadly, the situation got worse

and forced Noré to return to the hospital on the night of January 14. “Nono went back to the ER because it swelled too much. I thought it had deflated during the day but in fact, tonight the eye was even worse. He was hurting. If you had seen all the pus there was inside … It was impressive. It was better to go. Apparently they’re going to open it to take everything away from him. Things like that scare me. Leave in the middle of the night, emergencies. In addition he hurts, he suffersKamila revealed. She then shared a photo of her and her son in bed.Looks like he’s sensing things. He does not want to sleep. I put it down, it screams. Or maybe colic, I don’t know“, can we read in the caption.

Noré finally returns home around 3 a.m.. You could see that his eye was still swollen, although it was obscured by bandages that circled his head. Let’s hope for the former resident of the House of Secrets that this time it will indeed be the end of the nightmare.


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