NFL: Washington franchise puts an end to cheerleaders

The Washington American football franchise has decided to put an end to cheerleader shows during its games. She will replace them with dance teams.

Washington’s American football franchise will end a 50-year-old tradition by stopping cheerleader shows during its matches. A mixed student dance team will take over to ensure the show, an integral part of NFL meetings. The “First Ladies of Football” program, launched in 1962, was discontinued last month.

“As we strive to modernize the Washington football game, it is important that we develop a top notch entertainment program that keeps our fan base excited and connected to the game and the team,” said the president. Washington football team Jason Wright in a statement.

The reflection was led by Petra Pope, who was recently hired as a franchise advisor. She comes from the NBA, American basketball championship, where she was in charge of entertainment.

She is now looking for a new, more modern and diverse dance team with “a skill set to be super athletic, which we are really perfecting.”

“We want to be more inclusive, so we’re going to invite a student entity,” Pope said. “We’re able to do more things with the strength of a man, and the litters, that has changed a lot. The inclusiveness, the strength. and the interest of the choreography has changed. “

The cheerleaders’ contracts all expired in 2021 but they will be able to apply for the new program. This decision comes in the midst of a change in the franchise, which got rid of the name Redskins (“red skin”), deemed racist, and its old logo, last summer. It temporarily calls itself “Washington Football Team” pending consensus on a new name.

The organization has also faced allegations of sexual harassment, involving 40 women, according to two Washington Post reports last year. Members of the 2008 and 2010 cheerleading teams were among the potential victims. Club employees are alleged to have leaked videos of naked women while filming for the calendar, according to the allegations.

The franchise denied, even if the press mentions the existence of an agreement with former cheerleaders to settle the case.

Nicolas Couet Journalist RMC Sport


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