New York: 50 kg of cocaine marked "CR7" discovered by the police

The New York police have announced that they have intercepted 50 kilos of cocaine concealed in packaging bearing the image of… Cristiano Ronaldo. The packaging bore the inscription of the trademark of the Portuguese “CR7”.

All means are good to hide illegal activities. The police of the state of New York (United States) intercepted 50 kilos of cocaine in an apartment in Queens, in the Jamaica neighborhood, last Monday. The drug packages were found concealed in packages with the “CR7” logo, the personal mark of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The two drug traffickers at the origin of the facts were arrested by the police, according to the official statement of the special attorney of the city of New York. A loaded gun and a sum of $ 200,000 were also discovered.

A value of $ 2 million

“It is shocking to find, in an apartment in a large residential development, across from a public park, a stock valued at $ 2 million, a handgun and the equipment to support trafficking. large-scale narcotics, “Special Prosecutor Bridget G. Brennan said.

A trademark …

This is not the first time that drugs have been found concealed under Cristiano Ronaldo’s brand name. Last November, Nicaraguan naval forces reported intercepting 340 packages of cocaine, all marked with the initials “CR7”. History is repeating itself.


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