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New Yamaha MT-09 Bike Teaser Video Released

The teaser video did not reveal many details of the new Yamaha MT-09 bike. Only time will tell what will be put to the market soon. This new Yamaha MT-09 is likely to get bike performance and big cosmetic upgrades. In the teaser video, it is clear that the new Yamaha MT-09 bike gets a brand new all-LED setup.

The new MT-09 Middleweight Streetfighter bike is also available in a range of new colors. The bike’s chassis and swingarm are also brand new.

The new Yamaha MT-09 also features a tail section, wheels, and a fuel tank design. Similarly, we expect to get several updates on this new Yamaha MT-09 bike.

Speaking of the engine that is now known as the heart of the bike, we expect this new Yamaha MT-09 to be fitted with an 890cc engine.

While the previous model produced 114bhp of power, the updated engine produces 118bhp of power. The engine is now updated to comply with the company’s Euro 5 pollution rules.

How much NM torque this engine produces and no information about the gearbox has been revealed. Expect more information about this new Yamaha MT-09 bike to be revealed soon.

Yamaha recently launched its long-awaited 2020 MT-25 bike in the Malaysian market. It is one of the most popular models in this MT-25 Yamaha bike series. Yamaha expects this MT-25 bike to be launched in the Indian market in the coming years.

There is no information on the launch of the new Yamaha MT-09 bike in the Indian market. If the Yamaha MT-09 is launched in the Indian market, the Triumph Street will compete with bikes like the Triple RS. The new Yamaha MT-09 will be launched in the international market next year.

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