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New service ready on Netflix service .. ‘Video Cut’ But you can listen to audio

Netflix is ​​testing a new feature for Android users on its popular site. The new audio-only mode for the background playback feature is currently being tested. It has been reported that this feature will allow its users to listen to their favorite shows and movies.

Netflix ‘Audio Mode’

Netflix has now added a background playback feature called ‘Audio Mode’ to version 7.9.1 of its Android Netflix app. It has been reported that this feature will soon allow users to listen in the background only, without having to watch videos of their favorite shows and movies.

Video Only Off

This new audio mode feature allows you to turn off video only and play movies and shows in the background. This means that users can listen to audio and use other applications on the phone without any problems, the company said.


Some news related to this new feature has been released. It says, “You can save your data by disabling the video and listening to your favorite shows” and “while the video is off, you can continue to listen to your show through audio while you are busy doing other things.” As mentioned.

Pixar-in-Pixar (PIP)

Netflix may soon bring this feature to Android devices. Currently, Netflix users on Android can use Pixar-in-Pixer (PIP) mode, which allows users to constantly view and listen to content while doing other things with a small video box.


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