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New Opel Mokka 2021 Announced and these are its prices

The second-generation Opel Mokka is a huge breath of fresh air for the brand. The aesthetic and technological leap that it has taken places it as one of the reference models within a segment that is undoubtedly one of the most competitive in the market.
 Like the Corsa or the Peugeot 208 and 2008, it will have thermal variants and a 100% electricity that is an absolute novelty. In addition to sharing practically the same list of mechanics with these models, it will also adopt the same platform, the so-called CMP for small vehicles of the PSA Group. Let us know in more detail the secrets of the new Opel Mokka 2021.
Starting with its image, the exterior of the new Mokka infinitely gains in appeal and customization power, something that is essential in the urban segment. The new design language that debuts are clearly inspired by the GT X Experimental prototype that we ourselves saw live in Madrid almost two years ago. Already then it was advertised as an electric vehicle that would mark a turning point in the brand and we are sure that it will.
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That grille that now adopts the name of Vizor has traits of an icon in the history of Opel such as the Manta and the truth is that the new Mokka has a cinema. 
Of course, the headlights that we see at both ends, as well as the taillights with dynamic indicators, integrate full LED technology (in the case of the headlights, the well-known IntelliLux LEDs are available.) Both in the combustion and in the versions. electric the Vizor grill will be closed to further improve in terms of aerodynamic resistance.
Inside, another feature that the aforementioned concept advanced in 2018 draws attention: the incorporation of the Opel Pure Panel, which in the words of the manufacturer is a single element composed of two screens (instrumentation and central screen) that focuses on the essential. It is a simple and minimalist way to unite both sources of information to facilitate its handling for the driver.

Engines available in the new Mokka

Entering fully into the mechanical range of the new Opel Mokka we find a clear predominance of gasoline. The 4.15-meter-long urban SUV will thus be available with two versions of this fuel, both from the 1.2 Turbo block and with powers of 100 and 130 hp. Only the most powerful can optionally opt for the EAT8 automatic transmission.
The only diesel component will correspond to the 1.5 D with 110 hp and 250 Nm. It will be joined exclusively to the manual transmission approving a combined expense of only 3.8 l / 100 km, although, yes, under the NEDC cycle.
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To these, as we have said, will be added a new 100% electric Mokka-e with 136 hp and about 300 km of autonomy.
The mechanical range is not the only novelty attached to the Opel Mokka, since the German urban SUV has prepared another surprise for us in the form of a sporty finish. 
And, as you can see in the images, the white unit corresponds to the so-called  GS Line. Its features include a two-tone black and white bodywork that blends seamlessly with the red trim that runs along the sideline. 
The finishing touch is given by 18-inch wheels. The cabin, for its part, maintains that more dynamic atmosphere thanks to the sports seats, the aluminum pedals, and the moldings that imitate carbon fiber.

The new Mokka is available from € 18,500

The Opel subsidiary has not confirmed that the base price of the new Opel Mokka, in a 100 hp gasoline version, will be € 18,500. For its part, the electric Mokka-e will be available from € 26,200 (Moves Plan included.)

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