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Netflix service is free for 2 days only in India

Netflix has announced that it will be launching a free ‘Stream Feast’ promotional offer for 2 days in India in December. It has been reported that this new offer will give you free Netflix content for two days. Find out when this free Netflix service is available and how to use it.

Screamfest free offer

Netflix’s free media-streaming service will be available from December 4 for the next two days. Called Stream Feast. This free trial has been introduced as a promotional offer. This is the first time in India alone that the StreamFest advertising test has been introduced exclusively.

One month free trial is now canceled

Netflix’s free one-month trial period subscription was canceled a few days ago. This is a one-month free trial subscription offered to new customers. It is now clear to us that the old 1-month test was canceled a few days ago just for the purpose of providing this new two-day test.

Two days free Netflix

Especially in India to get 1 month free trial of Netflix, users need to register their bank card details. However, it should be noted that the two-day free Netflix app that will be introduced now does not require any bank card details.

Netflix has announced that the promotional offer will be extended to other locations after India. Netflix says using weekends to free Netflix access for everyone in the country is a great way to add new people to the subscription.

Don’t forget to use this free Netflix access on December 4th. Netflix has made some exclusive offers to India only in the past. Netflix has launched a Rs 200 mobile-only mobile phone in India.

It was first introduced in New Delhi. Last month, Netflix offered some of its shows and movies for free to its users.

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