NBA: Doncic’s crazy buzzer beater

Luka Doncic gave Dallas the victory at the last second on an absolutely unlikely three-point shoot. In complete imbalance and on the verge of falling, the Slovenian prodigy brought down Memphis.

This is not a shoot to be shown in all basketball schools. But he at least had the merit of being devilishly efficient and murdering the Memphis Grizzlies at the last second. On the night of Wednesday to Thursday, Luka Doncic once again pushed the limits of the possible by registering a completely crazy buzzer beater.


There is a second and eight hundredths left when the Slovenian prodigy inherits the swelling. His team was then led by two points by Ja Morant’s teammates. Doncic is found on the throw-in, sneaks between two players and sends a shoot with Maria in complete imbalance. The siren sounds, the basket light comes on … and the ball pierces the nets of the FedExForum. Doncic has just invented the three-point floater.

LeBron James: “You’re not serious man!”

This game winner is all the more decisive as the meeting between the Mavs and the Grizzlies was crucial in the standings, the two franchises being respectively 7th and 8th in the Western Conference. In the minutes that followed, the gesture of the former Real Madrid player blew up social networks. Between a community manager of the Mavs close to stroke on his keyboard and a disillusioned LeBron James (“Wow wow wow, Luka Doncic, you’re not serious man!”), The feat of the Slovenian has turned the basketball world upside down .


Especially since the double All-Star, author of 29 points (including 25 after the break) against the Grizzlies, is not his first attempt. In August 2020, during the first round of the playoffs against the Los Angeles Clippers, he had already crucified the franchise of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George on a huge three points to the buzzer. That night, the shoot was much more academic. But the result is the same.

Felix gabory Journalist RMC Sport


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