NBA All-Star Game: Gobert in LeBron James’ monstrous team, at the last moment

Rudy Gobert will be part of LeBron James’ (monstrous) team at the NBA All-Star Game this Sunday in Atlanta. The Frenchman was the last choice of the Lakers star.

The French pivot of Utah Rudy Gobert was the last player chosen by the captains of the All-Star Game of the NBA, the Lakers superstar LeBron James including him in his team which will face that of Kevin Durant (Brooklyn), Sunday in Atlanta .

As has been the procedure since last year’s edition, the two players who finished with the most fan votes took turns selecting their teammates for the All-Star Game.

They first had to choose among the “holders”, also acclaimed by journalists and the players themselves. With a particularity: Durant, forfeit for this match (elongation in the hamstrings), but maintained in his role of captain, had to choose one more.

“LBJ” called Giannis Antetokounmpo (Milwaukee), Stephen Curry (Golden State), Luka Doncic (Dallas) and Nikola Jokic (Denver). “KD” has successively taken Kyrie Irving (Brooklyn), Joel Embiid (Philadelphia), Kawhi Leonard (Clippers), Bradley Beal (Washington) and Jayson Tatum (Boston).

After which, it was the moment to choose among the 14 “substitutes”, who will have to play as many minutes as the “holders”.

Second All-Star Game for Gobert

Gobert, who will participate in his second “ASG” in a row, then saw the names of the thirteen other reservists scroll before being finally chosen by James.

“LeBron said he needed height. He has Rudy Gobert who is 2.25m (2.16m actually) and he takes Domantas Sabonis who is 1.85m (2.11m actually)! “, noted, live on the TNT channel, the former star Charles Barkley, causing the hilarity of Shaquille O’Neal also on the set, as well as that of James live from Los Angeles.

The latter, before choosing Sabonis then Gobert therefore, first selected Damian Lillard (Portland), Ben Simmons (Philadelphia), Chris Paul (Phoenix), Jaylen Brown (Boston) and Paul George (Clippers).

Durant called on James Harden (Brooklyn), Devin Booker (Phoenix), Zion Williamson (New Orleans), Zach LaVine (Chicago), Julius Randle (New York), Nikola Vucevic (Orlando) and finally Donovan Mitchell, the other representative … of Utah Jazz.

Focused on Sunday alone, instead of the traditional three-day weekend, the All-Star Game will feature dunk contests, three-point shots and the skill challenge.


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