Nantes: Landreau presents the "Nantes collective", the club takeover project

During a press conference, the former goalkeeper and FC Nantes captain Mickaël Landreau and officials of the sponsors presented the “Nantes Collective”, a plan to take over the club currently led by the highly contested president Waldemar Kita.

The mobilization is launched for the resumption of FC Nantes. The club with eight French league titles saved its skin in Ligue 1 on Sunday after the play-offs against Toulouse. In addition to the sporting crisis, there is an open and violent conflict between President Waldemar Kita, the President, and the supporters. Much contested for years, can the Franco-Polish businessman resell the club? This is the wish of the “Nantes Collective”.


Entrance ticket to 100,000 euros

The FCN takeover project was presented on Friday. He was born six months ago at the initiative of certain club sponsors, following a meeting with the supporters. He is embodied by Mickaël Landreau, ex-goalkeeper and captain of the Canaries (1996-2006) and emblematic figure of the club. The objective is to federate subscribers, if possible from the Nantes region, to provide funds for a possible takeover of the club.

“A sacred union in Nantes land” which goes from amateur clubs to businesses and communities. The entrance ticket is 100,000 euros. A five-year business plan has been planned. “We had even worked on a business plan in Ligue 2”, indicates Philippe Plantive, president of Proginov, FCN partner for 20 years. “The territory seems decorrelated from the direction of the club, one cannot imagine being at the head of a club and being in opposition with its supporters”, he notes.


“We must respect Waldemar Kita”

To date, several companies have already said yes to the project. More than 2.5 million euros were collected. The Nantes Collective hopes to reach the 20 million euros mark, but the initiators of this project believe that it is difficult for them to assess the value of FC Nantes.

It also and above all remains to be seen whether Waldemar Kita is open to sales and discussions. “He remains the master on board”, it is recalled. As such, “CN” does not want to go to arm wrestling. “We must respect Waldemar Kita, this is not a scenario of confrontation but of succession, believes Philippe Plantive. He deserves respect, but there are always things that can be criticized. Our goal is to provide an alternative to Waldemar Kita. . “


Landreau: “This is not Mickaël Landreau’s project”

Mickaël Landreau did not wish to charge the Nantes boss, contenting himself with recalling that he only really met him once. “I do not understand the project, he nevertheless indicated. But I respect the shareholder that he is.” On the project, the Canal + consultant said he was among the subscribers. He also recalled that he was present “to support this process” for his “club of heart”. “By ethics, I would never have approached the club’s sponsors (he was the one who was approached, editor’s note). This is only one step. It is the construction of exchanges on what should be the club. This is not the project of Mickaël Landreau, it is the project of FC Nantes, of the consortium. “

Former club glories in the project

The former international goalkeeper has revealed that other former Nantes players will also participate in the Nantes Collective. He quoted Nicolas Ouédec, Frédéric Da Rocha, Nicolas Savinaud, Christophe Pignol… “It’s the collective and generations that speak. It’s open, he rejoices, moved. I even had chills when Denoueix or Suaudeau have agreed to talk about them. “


On his role and the sporting project, Landreau did not wish to say more. “It seems premature to me to talk about it. The only thing to do is to congratulate Antoine Kombouaré”, he says, referring to “a miracle” for the club’s maintenance in the top flight. Lucid and motivated, he nevertheless wants to carry this project: “It touches me. I know that I will be on the front line. That I will have the pressure on my shoulders. But we have the right to dream, to unite people. there is still a lot to experience … “


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