Home Sports Nantes: Kombouaré comes on a maintenance mission and will leave if he fails

Nantes: Kombouaré comes on a maintenance mission and will leave if he fails

Nantes: Kombouaré comes on a maintenance mission and will leave if he fails

Appointed Nantes coach to replace Raymond Domenech, Antoine Kombouaré did not think about accepting the maintenance mission for which he was hired. His contract will extend for two years if he succeeds.

The anger of the supporters and the waltz of the coaches did not frighten Antoine Kombouaré. The technician quickly engaged with FC Nantes on Wednesday evening after being approached in the morning by the Loire leaders to take over from Raymond Domenech. He himself explained the details of his arrival on Thursday at a press conference. And the mined ground on which he is advancing did not repel him. After having rejected FCN twice during his career, this time he succumbed to the charms (well buried now) of his training club where he launched his career as a professional player.


“I’ve always had pressure, he recalled. It’s important and I like it, I know the context, I know who I’m working with. I’ve heard and I’ve read. I’m a big boy and I know what I’m doing. There have already been two approaches, today is the third time and I decided to come. You know the affection I have for this club. I’m coming, so it’s for emotional reasons. I know the area where I still have a house very well. “

A six-month mission extended by two years in the event of continued

To prove his attachment, he then embarked on a long wave of quotes from former club staff and teammates at the time such as Didier Deschamps, Marcel Desailly or Claude Makelele. “After deciding twice not to come, I come today, he added. I want to help and save this club. I really want.”


Asked about the length of his contract, he said he had signed up for “a mission” until the end of the season. If he managed to keep Nantes, currently barrage, his contract will be extended by two years. To achieve this goal, he decided to “clean up” the previous staffs by coming accompanied by Yves Bertucci as assistant and Michel Dufour as physical trainer. Willy Grondin is retained as goaltender coach. He is looking for another member to complete his close guard.

“I am blamed for the Toulouse descent but I only played 10 games”

If he accepted the challenge, it is also out of pride after his failure in Toulouse, where he was dismissed from his post in December 2019. “I only stayed two months, he emphasizes. blames the descent of Toulouse but I only played 10 games and there were 19 games by my successor. I was not given time to finish the season and my job, which I respect. time to recharge my batteries, to regain my strength and I want to take up the challenge. (…) It’s a personal revenge, I want to prove myself and turn a new page and if it is with my heart club, it’s even more beautiful. “


He will now get down to discovering a squad that he knows vaguely even if he will find some players he trained at Guingamp, such as Ludovic Blas or Marcus Coco. Does he know the style of the team? “I have an idea yes but I did not watch all the matches, he admits. I watched the L1 and the foreign championships but from today, I will get down to discovering it well ‘squad and watch all the games. I will work a lot to have a perfect knowledge of the players and prepare for the game which will come very quickly on Sunday. ” He is the 18th coach of the Kita era to rise to the challenge.

Nicolas Couet with Pierre-Yves Leroux



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