Nantes: "I wanted it to be known", Louza reacts to threats and racist insults received

Targeted by death threats and racist insults on social networks, Imran Louza decided to speak publicly to RMC Sport. The Nantes player filed a complaint.

At 21, at the heart of a complicated season for FC Nantes, Imran Louza received death threats and racist insults on social networks, after the defeat against Nice (1-2), last weekend . Actions he decided not to let go. By exposing the messages himself on social networks, then filing a complaint, the Nantes player decided to send a strong message to the public.

“I wanted it to be known because it is not normal that people can have so much hatred, he explains to RMC Sport. It went too far for me. I had received messages. before of this person, who told me “you’re bogus” or “you suck”, I didn’t pay attention to it. But this was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. is too much for me. “

Imran Louza is not the only athlete victim of this behavior. In previous days, cyclist Nacer Bouhanni received several racist messages on Instagram and Twitter following a stormy sprint. Both, like others in recent months, have decided to speak publicly on the subject in an attempt to shake things up. “We accept criticism, that’s part of the game, Louza emphasizes. But not racist remarks and threats to the family. I can’t understand how you can have so much hatred for a football match.”

“Let it serve as an example”

In the Nantes locker room, where Imran Louza showed the threats and insults received, his teammates obviously supported him, like the FC Nantes club and the supporters. Support that pushed the player to go further, to file a complaint and then to speak out. “It went quickly, the press was quickly aware and it took a big proportion, he explains. I told myself that I had to go to the end, that I should not slow down. thing but that I assume I showed this message. “

By filing a complaint, Louza went to the end of his process. “Either I completely skip the thing and we forget this message, or I take matters in hand and I will file a complaint, he says. I think that it is beneficial for me but also for the others, so that it serve as an example. ” The police have already been able to identify the author of the messages.

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