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Naina Singh, who was sharpened on Shardul Pandit, said – I will not make food, go to hell

In the days of Bigg Boss house, sometimes there is a quarrel about the duty of food and sometimes the duty of cleanliness and kitchen. There is going to be a similar thing in the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’. There is only Naina Singh in the whole house, who knows how to cook and hence the kitchen duty is with him. But Naina loses her temper that Shardul Pandit is not helping her in her kitchen duties. She also complains to Rahul Vaidya and starts shouting. Angrily, she tells Shardul, ‘I will not cook food, go to hell.’

‘You die to do something’
A new promo of the upcoming episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ has been released, in which Naina is saying, ‘All three times’ khana main banoon bahun, atta guttun, sab karoon, but death comes to you.’ Hearing this, Shardul asks Naina not to talk to him loudly. But where was Naina going to listen? Rahul Vaidya then tries to convince Naina Singh, but she flashes on him as he has to run after Rahul and Shardul to get help with the work.



Naina said to Shardul – I will not make food, go to hell
Shardul Pandit tries to talk to Pavitra Poonia about this, but she shouts at him and says that it is Rahul and Shardul’s duty to help Naina in cooking. Shardul Pandit gets angry at this and says that no one has helped in his work. He did all the work alone.


Finally, Naina gets angry and shouts, ‘I will not cook food, go to hell.’ What will happen next? Will everyone have to starve because of Naina’s anger? Keep watching ‘Bigg Boss 14’ to know.



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