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Naina Singh has made a serious allegation against ‘Bigg Boss’, saying- Favorite overturns the scene to save the contestant

Naina Singh had made a wild card entry in ‘Bigg Boss 14’ a few weeks back, but she became homeless from Bigg Boss house a few days later. Naina Singh could not believe her eviction and wondered how she could be homeless so soon.

‘Scene turns to save favorite contestants’
In addition to expressing surprise at her eviction, Naina Singh has also severely accused Bigg Boss of being biased. In a conversation with The Indian Paper Online, Naina Singh has accused Bigg Boss of favoriteism. He said that it is true that there are some favorite contestants of Bigg Boss in the show. Those people who talk about reversing the scene, then the scene is actually reversed only when some of their favorite contestants are going to be evicted.

Let me tell you that ‘Bigg Boss 14’ has already been accused of favoriteism. Constant questions are arising that ‘Bigg Boss’ saves Jan Kumar Sanu from getting evicted every time. So far, John Kumar has been nominated several times for being homeless, but for some reason he survived every time and the ghaz fell on some other contestant.

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Does Bigg Boss ‘overturn’ scene every time to save his life?

Naina Singh still surprised by her eviction, said less footage given
Naina Singh is also very sad that Shardul Pandit’s Struggle was shown on the show, while her Struggle was not shown. Her journey in ‘Bigg Boss’ was very short. Naina Singh has been the TV’s popular actress, so it was a surprise to see her get evicted in two weeks. It was shocking for Naina herself. Naina says that she has not opted out of the show, but rather she has been dropped from the show. He got more votes than Shardul, but was rendered homeless. Naina has alleged that she did not show him on the show from the makers. While the task was going on outside, Pavitra’s cry was important for Bigg Boss’s camera. When he and Shardul arrived in the red zone in an oxygen mask task, they were also given less footage.


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Naina Singh: Bigg Boss had already planned, he will kick me out of the show

Naina said this on the votes Shardul got
When Naina was asked whether she believed Shardul Pandit to get Simpethi votes? On this, Naina says that this has happened at all and she does not see any problem in it, but if the makers are showing Shardul’s strugle, then they should have shown Naina Singh’s strugal as well.

Bigg Boss showed Shardul’s strugle, why not me again: Naina Singh

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Naina says that she was not shown in the show. He said that whether it is about tasks or battles, he was not given the footage in the show and he is surprised by this. Naina says, “When I came out, I watched the episodes, but I am nowhere in them, whereas my fight was fought many times. During the task, I held Nikki’s bag for 20 minutes, but only 5 seconds of footage was shown. When not showing, the audience will be disappointed.

Bigg Boss 14: Naina Singh lashes out at show makers, questions raised on Eviction



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