Mumbai Police sent summons to Kangana Ranaut, will have to appear in Javed Akhtar case on January 22

Mumbai Police has summoned Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut. Juhu police has asked the actress to appear on 22 January. The case related to famous writer Javed Akhtar who filed a defamation suit against Kangana in Andheri court in December 2020. Kangana has been accused that she had said things that hurt Javed Akhtar’s image in an interview given to a media channel. A recording of Kangana’s spoken part was also heard by Javed Akhtar in the court in which she was speaking about the writer.

Court extended the time
In December 2020, the court directed the Juhu police to investigate the case and report on 16 January. On January 16, the police demanded more time to submit the report of the investigation. After this, the court extended the time of reporting to February 1.

Treason was interrogated
Let me tell you, Kangra police of Mumbai has also been questioned in the case of treason. Kangana said after the question and answer earlier this month, ‘I want answers from the country. I was standing with you guys, now you guys have to support me. ‘

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Kangana said- being exploited
Kangana had said, ‘Ever since I raised my voice in the country interest, I am constantly being exploited. My house was demolished, many cases were made on me unnecessarily, even a case was filed against me for laughing. ‘



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