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MP: MP police is conducting DNA test of dog, quarrel with owner

MP police is conducting a DNA test of a dog to identify the owner. There is a fight over a dog owner in Hoshangabad district. The police has not been able to solve it yet. Based on the claim of the two owners, the police has decided to get the dog’s DNA tested. Two people are claiming 3-year-old Labra Dog. One is a claimant journalist and the other a political activist.

Speaking to the media, the police station in-charge of Hoshangabad district Hemant Srivastava said that three months ago, journalist Shadab Khan had lodged a complaint that his dog Coco was missing. On November 18, he said that my dog ​​is in the house of Karthik Shivhare, leader of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. Police brought the dog to the police station on Shadab’s complaint. On November 19, Karthik Shivhare reached the police station and said that the dog belongs to us. He has named the dog as Tiger. Also said that he bought it from Itarsi a few weeks back. At the same time, the station in-charge said that the dog is responding by calling on both names. She is friendly with the names Coco and Tiger.

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DNA test decision
The police officer said that Shivhare claims that we bought this dog from Itarsi, while Shadab Khan claims that we bought it from Pachmarhi. After claiming both, we have decided to get the dog’s DNA tested. On Saturday, the police team has gone to collect blood samples of the parents of Pachmarhi and Itarsi Dog. The Veterinary Doctor has taken a dog sample on Friday night. After that the police have allowed Shivhare to have a dog.


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Both want the truth in this matter to be revealed. Shadab Khan said that I have presented all the evidence related to the dog to the police. Also I am adamant about DNA test. At the same time, Shivhare says that Shadab took the dog from my house without permission. The test will reveal the truth.

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At the same time, PETA has held the police insensitive about this whole episode. PETA Coordinator Swati Gorav Bhadoria said that the dog has fallen ill, the police has not taken proper care of it. We want an FIR to be made against the police and the person who has claimed false ownership under the sections of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act. Hoshangabad SP Santosh Singh Gaur has denied this claim. He said that we are handling the case sensitively to ensure that the dog gets its rightful owner.



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