MMA: Pitbull puts Sanchez to sleep with a magnificent guillotine, retains his Bellator 255 title

Patricio “Pitbull” Freire won by submission in the first round against Emmanuel Sanchez on the night from Friday to Saturday during the Bellator 255. The Brazilian retains his featherweight title and joins AJ McKee in the final of the tournament of the category .

When a pit bull grabs you between its fangs, it’s hard to let it go. Against Patricio Freire, it’s the same. The two-time Bellator feather and lightweight champion gave Emmanuel Sanchez no chance on the night of Friday to Saturday at night 255 of the MMA organization in Uncasville, Connecticut and won by submission as soon as the first round in the semi-final of the featherweight title tournament.

While in control, Patricio “Pitbull” took the lead and the Brazilian did not offer the slightest opportunity to his rival.

After three minutes of observing his opponent, dodging the rare blows struck at mid-distance, the two-time champion went on the offensive. What confirms his first victory (by unanimous decision) acquired in November 2018, already for the feather belt.

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“Pitbull” impatient to do battle with McKee

A first right-left-right sequence to unbalance “El Matador” and the 33-year-old fighter has moved up a gear. A new left-right sequence and Emmanuel Sanchez went to the mat. In a superb transition, Patricio Freire finished the job despite a futile attempt by his opponent to regain his support.

“Pitbull” blocked his challenger on a nice guillotine and knocked him unconscious in a dozen seconds. Considered one of the best fighters in MMA, all organizations combined, Patricio Freire signed a 32nd victory in 36 fights (including 11 knockouts and 12 submissions), the 20th at the Bellator for what constitutes the best record of the organization.

“Number one, number one. Patricio Pitbull, then threw out the two-time Bellator champion as a warning to all of his potential rivals. It was a good fight. I waited for the right moment. I hit him and when we went to the ground, I went for his neck. The guillotine is a natural movement for me, it’s in my veins. It’s Brazilian jiu-jitsu. It’s a finish that I love it. “

Holder of the feather belt, Patricio “Pitbull” will therefore defend his title well in the final of the tournament organized by the Bellator. This time the Brazilian will have to overcome the American AJ McKee, still undefeated in 17 pro fights, to confirm his status as number one in the cage. The two men have already taken advantage of the post-fight for a first face to face eye to eye and concluded with a “Come on we do it now” of a “Pitbull” as enraged. It promises!


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