MLA Roja: Mother’s illegitimate daughter .. Roja’s daughter Anshu who is studying with five poor children

“Amma .. you can be an MLA for the voters .. you can be a heroine for the audience .. can you be the only saleswoman for us .. to be with you .. to be with you .. to eat your hand cooking, Kadamma ..” I feel very sad when my children say that. That is why I like to be with my children as much as possible. I am very happy to spend more time with my children in this lock down and cook their favorites, ‘said YCP MLA, popular heroine Roja Selvamani.

Roza, who was mesmerized by the fans during the Sankranthi festival, put politics aside and told interesting things about her children and family. On this occasion, Roza was shocked to hear about the good deeds done by her daughter Anshu.

The girl is very active in social service. She is studying five at the Cheers Foundation in Hyderabad. My daughter Anshu took full responsibility for them. Going to that foundation for her birthday .. Celebrating with them there and selecting five of them herself and reading. We used to stay in Manikonda till earlier. Construction was going on around us. Bringing the children of immigrant construction workers home and giving them meals .. distributing stationery to study .. doing things like educating some.

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Collecting donations and giving them to schools .. My daughter is telling me to give some of what we have. Recently started writing books. Until the book he wrote was published, I maintained the secret without even knowing it and was thrilled. His goes nowhere .. always seems to read. He loves to read. The same world. Exams will continue to be written. Nobody is in the habit of writing books … My daughter seemed very happy when the book was published. He also writes another book. Singer should be .. says to sing songs. Let’s see what happens’, said the heroine, Mme Rose, about her daughter Anshu.



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