One of the main doubts we have when remodeling our house is to bet on a color that defines each of the rooms, and in addition to choosing one that looks beautiful, we must also take into account the greater or lesser amount of light that it can end up absorbing that can save us a lot of money on air conditioning.

Now researchers have discovered that a special white paint is able to reduce the need for air conditioning by keeping the surface cooler. This has been discovered by Purdue University engineers who have created a white paint that can keep surfaces up to 7.7 ° C cooler than their environment, the same as air conditioning can get but without spending additional money.

And it is that while normal paint absorbs sunlight, which makes buildings very warm, this new paint that is developed with calcium carbonate filler, rejects sunlight and radiates heat into space. Note that calcium carbonate is an abundant compound in the earth, found mostly in rocks and seashells. This calcium carbonate filler does not absorb ultraviolet rays due to its atomic structure.

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The difference that lies in this paint that they have invented compared to those currently on the market is that it rejects heat. However, they claim that their painting reflects or rejects 95.5% of sunlight.

The postdoctoral researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Xiangyu Li, has pointed out that ” we are not moving heat from the surface to the atmosphere, we are simply throwing it all into the universe, which is an infinite heat sink .”

On the part of his colleague, Joseph Peoples, from Purdue University and a mechanical engineering student, has pointed out that ” this painting basically creates free air conditioning by reflecting that sunlight and offsetting the heat gains inside the house .”