Microsoft’s cloud-based PC could land this summer

Microsoft could inaugurate its PC in the Cloud this summer. According to ZDNet, the launch of this virtualized computer accessible online could be held in June or early July 2021. Known under the code name “Project Deschutes”, Microsoft’s cloud-based PC is powered by its Azure platform.

It will allow users to access a powerful PC remotely, using their personal computer as a client. They will be able to use software like Microsoft Office, all at a competitive price. Several subscription offers, with several possible configurations (processors, RAM, storage, etc.), could be offered.

A job offer published by Microsoft allows to learn a little more about the positioning of Microsoft with its PC on the Cloud. The Redmond firm presents it as a solution allowing users to be more productive wherever they are, from any device capable of connecting to cloud services, with the assurance of using a secure service. and perfectly up to date. Microsoft could also rely on its service to allow Windows 10X users to use unsupported Win32 apps.

Also to discover in video:

The next few months should be rich in news at Microsoft. In addition to preparing the launch of its PC on the Cloud, the American company was working on a major overhaul of the Microsoft Store, its online application store.

Source: ZDNet


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