Microsoft Edge: how to take a screenshot of a full page site?

If you are looking for an easy way to capture the content of a web page to its full height, without having to paste multiple screenshots together, Microsoft Edge could be of great help to you. Microsoft’s web browser, whose market share continues to increase, includes a screenshot module, disabled by default, including an option to make “scrolling screenshot”, understand, screenshots at scrolling, that is, over the entire height of a page, in a single file.

To take advantage of it, you must first activate the module from the browser settings. The continuation could not be simpler since a button dedicated to the screenshot is grafted directly in the toolbar of the browser. Here’s everything you need to know to activate Microsoft Edge’s screenshot module and record a full image of a webpage.

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Also to discover in video:

1. Open Settings

Launch Microsoft Edge on your machine, click on the main menu represented by three small dots, and go to the Settings of the browser.

2. Activate the screenshot module

In the left column, select the menu Appearance, scroll through the options displayed in the main pane, then under the heading Customize the toolbar, activate the option Show Web Capture button.

3. Take a screenshot of a specific area

Once activated, Edge’s screenshot module takes place directly in the browser toolbar, next to your profile picture. Click on it to activate the module. Two options are available: Free selection

and Full page. To capture a specific area on a web page, choose Free selection.

The cross-shaped selection cursor is displayed. Hold a click to start your selection, then using your mouse or trackpad, select the area to capture and release the click. You can then adjust the frame of your capture. When you have correctly selected the area to capture, click the button Add Notes.

Your screenshot is automatically opened in the editor built into Microsoft Edge. You can then annotate the image, and / or save it on your computer by clicking on the button appearing floppy disk, displayed at the top right.

4. Take a full screen screenshot

If, on the other hand, you want to capture an entire web page, choose the option Full page. The capture preview, at the full height of the web page, opens in the editor of Microsoft Edge.

You can then scroll through the capture, annotate it if necessary, and save it on your computer by clicking on the button shown floppy disk.

The full height web page image is saved in JPEG format and can be opened in any image viewer.

However, you will have to play with the zoom to be able to appreciate all the details.


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