Michael Clarke targets Indian team for slow scoring rate, says it will be difficult without Kohli

Former Australia captain Michael Clarke has targeted the Indian team for the slow scoring rate on the first day of the Adelaide Test. With this, Clarke said that once Kohli returns to India, Team India will face a lot of trouble.

Cheteshwar Pujara scored 43 runs for India playing 160 balls. In the first two sessions, India’s scoring rate was close to 2 runs per over.

Clarke said that if the Indian team did not solve the problem, then it would be very troublesome. He said that Virat Kohli was the only batsman who was seen trying to score runs on the first day of the Test.

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Clarke said while interacting with Sky Sports, “He was the best batsman. He was the only batsman who looked willing to score runs. Everyone was just stopping the ball. Can you imagine a team without Virat Kohli in the next Test matches? Indian team is going to be in deep crisis.

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Clarke, 39, believes that it is not always a good choice to bat in Australia with the same balls. Somebody will definitely get you out. And quickly falling two wickets without much runs on the board can push your team to the backfoot.

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Clarke said, ‘The attitude of the Indian team is such that play the new ball comfortably. I have said before that your name must have been written against Australia on one ball in Australia. Your bat will hit the edge of a ball and you will be out. Suddenly your two-three wickets will fall and your team will come under pressure.



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