Mercato: Raiola denounces fake news on the sums for Haaland

Mino Raiola, agent of Erling Haaland, denied the figures circulating about the sums mentioned in the press on bonuses and salaries expected by the player and his advisers in the event of a transfer next summer.

Mino Raiola hosted last weekend. The Italian-Dutch agent started the competition between the clubs courting his colt, Erling Haaland (20 years old). He traveled, together with the latter’s father, to Barcelona, ​​Madrid and then to England to meet representatives of interested clubs. After these not-so-discreet visits, the first rumors about the demands of the Haaland clan spread in the Spanish press. Unsurprisingly, the allegedly expected amounts are huge.

According to the Catalan radio RAC 1, the agent of Halaland would have presented insane figures to Joan Laporta, president of Barça, to afford the services of the current star of Dortmund: 20 million euros of commission for the agent and 20 for his father, 30 million euros of net annual salary for the player, the amount of the transfer to be paid (150 million this summer, or 75 in 2022) with, as a bonus, the assurance that Lionel Messi remains.

The amount of the jackpot made Mino Raiola react, who denied this information with a message on his Twitter account. “False information travels quickly and far,” the advisor laughed, crossing out with the word “fake” a conglomerate of articles using the figures put forward by the RAC 1.

The race for the transfer of Halaland is well underway. The player has reportedly signaled his willingness to leave next summer to Borussia. According to some Spanish media, his preference would go to Real Madrid but Barça remains on the lookout despite the financial crisis in which the club is plunged.

There are also many contenders in England with Chelsea and Manchester United in the lead. Manchester City are also cited although Pep Guardiola has hinted that the club will not have the means to sign a center forward next summer. The name of Liverpool is also sometimes associated with that of Halaland.

Nicolas Couet Journalist RMC Sport


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