Mercato: Haaland would have chosen Real, Barça could wait

If the wish of the Norwegian Erling Haaland is to join Real Madrid, the transfer of the striker faces several obstacles for the Madrid club. A situation that Barça hopes to take advantage of.

Erling Haaland has chosen, his dearest wish is to evolve at Real Madrid. The Norwegian is impatient, as he is eager to discover the Santiago Bernabeu stadium. This is in essence the message that the player’s father, Alf Inge Haaland, is said to have delivered to Real Madrid executive director José Angel Sanchez during his tour of Spain with Mino Raiola. Still, the desire of the footballer and his mentors comes up against two major pitfalls: the refusal of Borussia Dortmund to sell immediately, and the very high demands of Mino Raiola.

In the minds of Madrid leaders, Mbappé is worth more than Halaland

According to AS, Real Madrid will not participate in the auction orchestrated by the superagent. Rather, the Spanish club intend to seek to convince Michael Zorc, the sporting director of Dortmund, a man known to be tough in business, to let go of Erling Haaland. The Norwegian will leave sooner or later, and if it isn’t this season, it will be next. For Real Madrid, it will also depend on the price. According to AS, Florenti no Pérez has no intention of releasing 150 million euros.

Real Madrid would reserve this amount for another player they covet, Paris striker Kylian Mbappé. This is Barça’s bet, according to Sport. For the Catalan newspaper, the Norwegian footballer and his father know they are a second option in this quest for the stars. Which could play in Barça’s favor. But Joan Laporta’s club, which is facing significant economic difficulties, will not be able to invest the sum presented by Bild as being the price set for Borussia Dortmund: between 150 and 175 million euros.

This is why Barça would consider waiting to pay a sum much lower than what it would have to pay this summer to secure the services of the Norwegian prodigy. The goal would be to wait for an additional season, while the release clause drops to 75 million euros. It remains to be seen whether the person concerned will have the patience to wait another year before taking a further step in this career which is spinning at full speed.


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