Mercato: Benedetto still considering a return to Boca Juniors

In an interview for the Argentinian press, Dario Benedetto spoke of his desire to play for Boca Juniors again by the end of his career. If this decision “does not depend on him”, the 30-year-old striker ensures while waiting that he likes OM.

At Boca Juniors between 2016 and 2019, Dario Benedetto has not forgotten his old team. In an interview with La Jugada on Tuesday, the Argentine striker reconsidered his desire to return to the country soon. As a reminder, he had discovered European football by engaging with OM.

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After an interesting first season, it’s hard to say that Dario Benedetto shines on the pitch this year, with 4 goals scored and 3 assists in 28 matches. Already during an interview in February 2020, Benedetto had mentioned the hypothesis of a return.

“Coming back to Boca is not up to me”

“The desire to come back to Boca is still there, Benedetto confirmed again on Tuesday. I came with my family to France and we swore to come back one day. It depends on a lot of things. Currently, I am happy to Marseille, I am realizing my dream of playing in Europe and I am enjoying it a lot. “

Dario Benedetto had two dreams in his career: to evolve with the Boca Juniors jersey and to one day play for a European team. At 30, the Argentine striker still under contract until June 2023 with OM still has a few years ahead of him. “Coming back to Boca is not up to me, but to the leadership that is currently in place. But as I have said on several occasions, I am sure to return to Boca, whether as a player or as a supporter.” , launched Benedetto, still faithful follower of his former team.


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