Meerabai urges TOPS committee to be foreign strength and adaptation coach

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Meerabai Chanu

new Delhi

Former world champion Mirabai Chanu has urged the Sports Authority of India (SAI) to provide him with foreign strength and conditioning coaches that help in the management of injuries. The twenty-five-year-old weightlifter has made this request under the Target Olympic Podium Scheme (TOPS), which was sent to Cy by the Indian Weightlifting Federation (IWLF) in March before the Indian government imposed a nationwide lockdown due to the Corona virus epidemic. Was.

Mirabai, who made a successful comeback last year after suffering a back injury, said, “Weightlifting is highly prone to injury, so I requested the Topps committee to be the strength and conditioning coach before the lockdown.” The 2018 Commonwealth Games at Gold Coast After that Meerabai was hurt in the back. Doctors from across the country had failed to find the cause of the injury due to which the player from Manipur had been away from the game for nine months and could not participate in the Asian Games 2018 and World Championships.

The Strength and Adaptation Coach is a physical performance professional who describes the exercises that make players stronger and plays an important role in the process of rehabilitation. National coach Vijay Sharma said, “If you expect weightlifters to perform at such a high level and want them to perform world class, then a strength and adaptability coach is mandatory.”

“They will not only help in rehabilitation but also strengthen the small muscles of the body,” he said. Top lifters around the world have a strength and conditioning coach but Indian weightlifters will get such services for the first time. Vijay Sharma said, “China has two such coaches, one from America and one from England. We have also requested for foreign strength and adaptation coaches. ‘

IWLF General Secretary Sahadev Yadav said that the process of appointing the coach has been delayed due to the lockdown. Meerabai poses a challenge in the 49kg category and she is almost certain to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics. He is one of the strongest contenders for the medal.


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