McCourt to supporters: "I agree and affirm it, OM is not for sale"

After the announcement of the replacement of Jacques-Henri Eyraud by Pablo Longoria as President of OM, Frank McCourt wrote an open letter to OM supporters. He repeats that the club is not for sale.

“I agree and say it, OM is not for sale, and it never has been, neither yesterday nor today.” It is with these words that Frank McCourt begins his open letter to OM supporters, to be published this Saturday in La Provence. Words in response, once again, to the rumors that have been swirling for months around the intentions of the shareholder of the Marseille club.

The rest of the letter, published on the l ast page of the newspaper as an advertising insert, is not disclosed. But the message is clear from the American businessman: it is a question of reaching out to OM fans, after several very agitated weeks with, in paroxysm, the violent incidents at the Commanderie.

In a press release, Frank McCourt announced on Friday the replacement of Jacques-Henri Eyraud by Pablo Longoria as President of OM. At the same time – this time as planned – Jorge Sampaoli has been officially appointed coach of the Marseille club.

He will meet the supporters

Frank McCourt will also go to Marseille in the coming days. He will meet the supporters but also elected officials and local figures. “The soul of Marseille seduced me when I bought the club. This spirit has suffered from the distance that the Covid has imposed between the fans, of which I am a part, and the field. I want to thank the authorities who facilitate my arrival in France. I arrive in Marseille, and I look forward to making my vision of the future known directly to supporters, especially with regard to development and investment projects for the next generations “, details the shareholder.


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