Mbaye Leye: "My players must take an example from Antwerp"

What a contrast. Last week, the tension was palpable between Mbaye Leye and Marc Brys after the division of Standard against OHL (1-1). This Sunday, even if the score was the same, the atmosphere was much more relaxed between the Senegalese coach and Frankie Vercauteren. Who had the same analysis: Antwerp can be happy with the point of the split if one relies only on the first 25 minutes but the Antwerpers can be disappointed if one takes into account the rest of the meeting.

“We must learn to take advantage of our highlights, summarized Leye. When we score a goal, we must also be able to maintain the intensity. But we didn’t. And we have this syndrome which is still there. Faced with experienced boys, we must be able to make the necessary mistake to prevent an opponent’s reconversion, as in the 1-1. “

A goal (where Nicolas Raskin is too light against Didier Lamkel Zé) which annoys the T1 rouche, because it is not the first time that this kind of action has occurred and is decisive against his team. “We saw it in Bruges, we saw it in Ostend: we have to make a mistake. Even if it is anti-play and even if it leads to a yellow card. This is the kind of detail that we still has to work. “

Especially against powerful teams like the Great Old. “There is an observation that is there: this team has more size than us, more strength, more experience. And they know how to make the mistake at the right time. We must take their example in this area but we have a young team, let’s not forget. We fought well, I am proud of my players, of the overall performance and of the chances we have created but there are some mistakes that we must not no longer commit. “

At the risk of seeing the top 4 move further away. “We stay on a three out of twelve but the ranking does not bother me, ends Mbaye Leye. The change is real compared to the situation we were at at the end of December. Between what we did before and what we offer today, we have already come a long way. But there is still more to go. We want to be in the top 4 at the end of the classic phase and we will do everything to achieve it. But we are in a process of evolution which is linear. Keep working. “


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