Mbappé: "If I win the Champions League, there will be emotion"

Kylian Mbappé shared his dreams of a European title in an RMC Sport interview. The prodigy of PSG notably ensured that a victory in the Champions League would be particularly rich in emotions.

PSG will travel to Munich on Wednesday to challenge Bayern in the Champions League quarter-final first leg. A few months after the defeat in the C1 final against the Bavarians (1-0), the Parisians hope to take their revenge. Kylian Mbappé confided in an interview with RMC Sport (broadcast at 8:40 pm this Saturday on RMC Sport 1) what a coronation in the club would represent for him after having already reached the heights in the selection.

“The Champions League, it has a very important place, assured the prodigy of PSG and the France team. The World Cup, the fact of having won it early, it is something that you do not realize not necessarily. Maybe if I have the chance to win one at 30, it will be stronger in emotions and symbolism than the one I won. For me, it was my first, you win , ok let’s go, it’s won, ok we can go back. I didn’t suffer to win it, I came, I won it right away. “

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Mbappé: “I have known stages where we have lost, suffered”

Semi-finalist with Monaco in 2017 then beaten prematurely by Real Madrid and Manchester United with PSG, Kylian Mbappé touched his dream of glory with his fingertips during the Lisbon Final 8 last season. The difficulties encountered will give another flavor to a possible victory in C1.

“The Champions League is something else, because I have known stages where we lost, suffered. It’s something else, continued the 22-year-old striker. If we win it, it will be something else. If I win it, there will be emotion, even if the World Cup is the absolute Holy Grail. But the Champions League, for me, in a club, is what is done better.”

>> The full interview with Kylian Mbappé is available on the RMC Sport website


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