Manon Marsault addicted to cosmetic surgery: the photo that sets the web ablaze

However, she never concealed being a fan of the knife. In March 2020, she even made a list of all the operations and little tricks she had used. “On my face, which is redone: I have already given injections to dark circles, but I think they have been gone for a long time! Same for the mouth: it’s been years, more than four years since I did it. It was before knowing Julien. I had a big mouth. I loved it at the time, but ultimately I find it horrible. Yes, I did Botox in the forehead, but it’s going away. I am pregnant, so I no longer have the right. I’m starting to get lots of natural fine lines coming back“We also know that the young woman has had a breast augmentation and that she has buttock implants.

When she was pregnant with her daughter Angelina, Manon Marsault also planned to erase some faults once again. “I’m going to get my Botox injections again, right on the forehead. If I gained too much weight, I will do a little lipo

, it is especially my arms that make me complex. And then my chest I’m going to do it again, that’s for sure, she is too old, it’s been ten years since I made her and after two pregnancies … No bigger on the other hand, I don’t like too big breasts“, she confided on her networks. The metamorphosis is not over …


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