Manchester United: Woodward announced on departure amid crisis of the Super League

Executive Vice-President of Manchester United, Ed Woodward would have decided to leave the club at the end of 2021. Information that fell in the midst of the media turmoil linked to a possible implosion of the Super League, of which the Mancunian club is a Founding Member.

The information fell amid the early debacle of the Super League. According to several British media, on Tuesday, Ed Woodward will resign his post as executive vice-president of Manchester United. If an immediate departure was first announced, it would ultimately appear that the leader will only leave at the end of the year. The club had not yet confirmed anything, at the time of this writing.

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The Athletic and Talk Sport do not fail to underline the astonishing timing of the leak of this information, published while the press echoed the withdrawal of English clubs from the Super League, less than 48 hours after its creation. However, the link between the rout of the competition and the upcoming resignation of Ed Woodward is not yet clear. Especially since this departure seemed envisaged for some time. He nevertheless told himself on British radio that the 49-year-old leader had not been consulted by the owners of the Red Devils on the club’s involvement in the foundations of the dissident competition.

Target of supporters

Adviser to the Glazer family at the time of Manchester United’s takeover in 2005, Ed Woodward entered the organization in 2007. He ended up becoming vice-chairman in 2013. He is nevertheless considered the club’s main boss. This explains why supporters attacked his home in January 2020, to denounce the team’s poor results.

With the Super League, Manchester United finds itself in troubled waters. In addition to being lambasted by its own supporters and causing concern among its players, the club saw its stock market crash on the New York Stock Exchange when rumors of the project’s implosion grew.


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