Manchester City-PSG: the red card for Di Maria on a bad gesture

20 minutes from the end of Manchester City-PSG, Angel Di Maria was excluded for a very dangerous gesture of frustration directed at Fernandinho, precipitating the defeat of the Parisians, led and outnumbered against the Skyblues.

This time around, there is not much to look forward to. The Parisians had promised to fight, and they fought despite the headwinds, delivering a very good game against Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium. Unfortunately for them, Mauricio Pochettino’s players have switched to an aggressiveness that has come close to the limit. Angel Di Maria even passed him in a gesture of anger which illustrates all the frustration stored up by the Argentinian player, undoubtedly the best offensive of PSG on the double confrontation.

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Argentina's fault Angel Di Maria
Argentinian Angel Di Maria’s fault © @Capture

Direct red card

Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho played the blow well by going to provoke Di Maria, as he looked to quickly play a touch that Paris Saint-Germain had just obtained. Di Maria then pushed back his opponent, and while grabbing the ball, threw his leg back, which crashed on his opponent’s foot. Mr. Kuipers, the referee of this meeting, did not hesitate for long before taking out the red card (69th), causing the anger and incomprehension of the players and the Parisian staff. The tension, palpable on the ground, has never really subsided in the Parisian camp.


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