Manchester City-PSG: Neymar, less effective in the final phase

Despite very high overall statistics, Neymar shows a retreating efficiency during the final stages of the Champions League with PSG. Against Manchester City, will the Brazilian reverse the trend?

Neymar in the final phase of the Champions League this season, it’s three games, several chances, but no goal. Would the Brazilian be ineffective when the stakes get high? PSG will however have to rely even more on him, this Tuesday evening for the semi-final return of the Champions League against Manchester City, because of the non-tenure of Kylian Mbappé.

In eight years on the European scene, Neymar has not failed to shake the nets. Since 2013, he has been alongside the best. In 68 appearances, he was decisive 67 times (goals and assists). Whether with Barcelona or PSG, the Brazilian’s performance is almost identical. By comparison, Cristiano Ronaldo has been decisive 107 times in 84 games. For Lionel Messi, it’s 70 decisive actions in 79 games; 74 in 77 games for Robert Lewandowski.

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Two goals when he could have scored more than five

However, on closer inspection, the performance of the Parisian number 10 drops once the group matches are over. Before the round of 16, Neymar is almost a goal per game. But after that, it’s a whole different story.

In nine finals games with Paris Saint-Germain, he has scored only two goals, when statistically he should have scored nearly triple. His expected goals are indeed 5.65. This can be explained in particular by his notable misses against Atalanta, RB Leipzig and Bayern Munich, during the Final 8 of summer 2020 in Lisbon. It’s up to Neymar to prove that the figures are sometimes wrong.

Neymar, a drop in the final phase of the Champions League
Neymar, a drop in the final phase of the Champions League © RMC Sport


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