Manchester City-PSG: Dropped "do not understand" the presence of Mbappé on the bench

Touched in the right calf, Kylian Mbappé will be on the substitute bench this Tuesday evening during Manchester City-PSG in the semi-final second leg of the Champions League (9 p.m., RMC Sport 1). A kind of incomprehensible in-between for Jean-Michel Larqué.

He will not start the meeting, it is now a certainty, but it is still possible that he enters during the match. Affected in the right calf since the first leg, Kylian Mbappé will not be established by Mauricio Pochettino this Tuesday evening during Manchester City-PSG in the semi-final second leg of the Champions League (9 p.m., RMC Sport 1), but will still appear on the game sheet. A situation that escapes Jean-Michel Larqué a little …

“I don’t understand anything. I don’t understand anything about human anatomy anymore, the consultant RMC Sport launched in Top of the Foot. Either he is fit and he starts the match, or he is not fit and he is absolutely not on the scoresheet. I do not understand anything, because if he enters during the match, half an hour from the end, he can be slammed after 5 minutes since he is not fit to start. He can slam in the 73rd after entering the 70th. (…) It was already the case under Tuchel, he had a little problem with his knee, he was not fit to play but he was still on the sidelines.Perhaps men are made differently today, it is true that the human species evolves, but when I in my time I was not fit for start a match, I was not on the scoresheet. “

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Petit: “From a psychological point of view, a Mbappé on the bench, even at 50%, that counts”

For Emmanuel Petit, however, all is not black or white. The presence of Mbappé on the bench does not disturb him more than that. “Maybe they don’t want to take the risk of farting him, maybe they will only bring him in if there is a problem, observes the 1998 world champion. In this match you need players 100%, we saw in the first leg, he was holding his leg, we could see that he was no longer at 100%. And we saw the damage that did, especially in the defensive withdrawal. think it’s okay to leave him on the bench. “

A bench from which Mbappé will not score a goal, for sure, but where he could play his role. “I experienced this scenario with Zizou at the 2002 World Cup, continues Petit. I can understand from a psychological point of view that a Mbappé on the bench, even at 50%, that counts. I even think that Pochettino and his staff do not tell the other Parisian players everything, because psychologically it is important to have him for this kind of match. (…) And then there is another aspect that we do not measure, c ‘Is that Mbappé may not say everything, since he wants to be part of the trip. How many times have I lied to the doctor … The will to play is stronger each time, especially for an important match. “

But Larqué remains more circumspect. “Do you think that Dias, Stones and the others are no more afraid of a 100% Kean, Icardi or Di Maria than of a 50% Mbappé ?, asks the captain. The opponent realizes it. , whether a player is in great shape or not. “


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