Manchester City-PSG: Di Maria insulted Fernandinho

Expelled for a gesture of humor on Fernandinho, Angel Di Maria attacked the Brazilian before leaving the field on Tuesday during the semi-final return of the Champions League between Manchester City and PSG (2-0) .

Frustration and a lot of anger. Angel Di Maria left the field before his partners with these feelings in mouth, Tuesday during the semi-final return of the Champions League between Manchester City and PSG (2-0). The Parisian attacking midfielder received a direct red card for a gesture of mood on Fernandinho (69th).

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After getting a throw-in after a ball blocked by the Brazilian, Di Maria hooked up for the first time with the opposing midfielder who continued the provocation behind the sideline. In response, Di Maria then voluntarily stepped on his foot.

Present nearby, the referee Björn Kuipers did not hesitate on the color of the card. The action provoked the incomprehension of the Parisians and gave rise to some tense exchanges between players. Furious, Di Maria tried to denounce Fernandinho’s attitude towards him. In vain. The Argentinian then expressed his anger by hurling several insults in the direction of the Manchester City captain: “Fernandinho, you are a son of p …”, he repeated several times.

The referee in the sights of the Parisians

The latter, himself, quietly stayed on the edge of the field to seek treatment, without getting involved in the commotion. He even concluded the meeting without being warned despite several faults. A leniency that may have annoyed the players of PSG, very upset against the arbitration of M.Kuipers. Ander Herrera accused the latter of insulting Leandro Paredes. Marco Verratti also complained about inappropriate remarks from the Dutch towards him.

“Me too he told me fuck you, testified the Italian midfielder. If I say fuck you, I take ten games. Of course I talk a lot with the referee, but I never say fuck you . “

Nicolas Couet Journalist RMC Sport


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