Manchester City: Guardiola firmly opposes the Super League

Pep Guardiola posted Tuesday at a press conference his opposition to the Super League project which he considers contrary to the values ​​of sport. The Manchester City coach has said he wants to continue playing the Champions League.

Reactions to the Super League are growing. Tuesday afternoon, Pep Guardiola spoke at a press conference, on the eve of Manchester City’s trip to Aston Villa (Wednesday, 9:15 p.m.) in the Premier League. And the Citizens coach didn’t mince his words: “Sport is not a sport when success is guaranteed. It is not a sport when it doesn’t matter if you lose. is not fair if the teams who are fighting at the top and cannot qualify “. Manchester City is one of the 12 rebellious clubs, wanting to create the Super League and leaving, in fact, the Champions League.

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“We are going to play the Champions League next week and try to reach the final. We want to play in Europe because we deserve it,” he continued. Manchester City faces PSG next Wednesday in the semi-final first leg of the Champions League (9 p.m. on RMC Sport 1).

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Pep Guardiola also asked for more clarity from the instigators of the Super League: “I would like the chairman of the committee to explain to the world the origin of this decision”, considering that he did not have “all the information”. Despite his opposition to the Super League project, the Spaniard recalled his attachment to his club: “I support my club. I like being part of this club. But I also have my opinion. For now, we do not ‘just got one statement. That’s why it’s uncomfortable for us. “

Not tender with UEFA either

If the technician protests against the Super League project, he also points to the bad decisions taken by UEFA in recent months, especially on the overloaded schedule. “UEFA thinks only of her. For example, during the most important part of the season, when we are fighting for the titles, Lewandowski could not play against PSG because he was injured with his selection. UEFA decided that it was Bayern’s problem and Lewandowski did not play. It’s every man for himself! “, said Pep Guardiola. Injured with his selection during the international window, the Pole was indeed forfeited for the two quarter-final matches of Bayern C1 against PSG.

“UEFA failed. We have to be clear. We fought to make five changes in the most difficult season ever because of the pandemic. Everyone is struggling in this situation,” he said. he also blurted out.


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