Mahindra released the KUV 100 Next Dual Tone version

Mahindra has published full details on the KUV100 Next Dual Tone model on its official website and the Dual Tone model is only available for purchase in the top end model G80K8 The new car with a dual-tone paneling facility is priced at Rs 7,000 more than the standard model.

Dual-tone models can be purchased in Silver / Black and Red / Black colors, with six monotone models available for purchase in standard variants.

The KUV 100 Next Car model in monotone colors is available for purchase in Pearl White, Dazzling Silver, Flamboyant Red, Flyer Orange, Designer Gray, and Mid Night Black, while the Dual Tone models have been released in the backdrop of Dasara and Diwali.

The Dual Tone Colors option is available only in the top-end model, while all other models have a choice of six monotone colors, as well as the K8 Plus with the Dual Tone customer.

While the K2 Plus version of the KUV100 Next Car is the initial car model, the K8 is the top end version and the standard model K2 Plus is priced at Rs. The top-end version of the K8 is priced from Rs 5.66 lakh. 7.28 lakh.


The KUV 100 Dual Edition which is now being sold at an extra price of Rs 7,000 more than the standard K8 version, has not made any changes in the technical aspects except for the choice of colors.

But customers can get premium features like dual-tone model, LED DRLS, electric type rearview mirror, 15-inch dual-tone alloy wheelhouses, rear parking sensor, fog lamps, and a cooled lightbox inside the car.

The KUV100 Next Car is powered by a 1.2-liter M Falcon G80 petrol engine with impressive features in its sub-four meter design, producing 82-bhp and 115-Nm of torque with a 5-speed manual gearbox.

The KUV 100 Next Car has a 6 seater design with a different seating capacity than other models. The KUVI 100 Next car has a comfortable seating arrangement on the rear with a bench seat with the driver’s seat at the front.


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