Mahesh Uttamchandani, who won from Corona after being positive-negative 10 times, know the full story of virus Survivor

Jodhpur. Mahesh Uttamchandani, a resident of Shastri Nagar C Sector, was admitted to MDM Hospital on 22 March. Uttamchandani has been the highest Corona Survivor till now.

He was discharged from the Institute of Infectious Diseases of KN TB & Chest Hospital on Tuesday, and he was not happy. Uttamchandani 9 samples of Uttamchandani were taken in 1 month and 6 days, out of which they were also disappointed when they came positive.

Hospital Superintendent Dr. Mahesh Bhati and CMHO Dr. Balwant Manda said that with good treatment the confidence of the patient also worked. He congratulated the entire staff and the patient.

Repeated infection due to repeated wear of a pair of cloth

Mahesh Uttamchandani said that on March 22, after asking for a test in half an hour and sending him back home, the administrative authorities immediately asked him to leave the house open.

We did not let us eat anything at home. After two hours drinking water was also destined when we had to knock the door 20 times. We were locked in a hospital room.

Well… our first case was, doctors, etc. were all confused. The test took place at 3 o’clock, the next day a positive report came. The doctors of MDM Hospital were very courteous and behaved with sympathy and service.

There was no fear or fear. The thought is fatigue etc. and will be cured soon and it happened. After 3 days everything seemed normal, food also started to taste good. There was a belief in the mind and with a positive thought that everything will be alright.

The first test came negative after 10 days. We and the doctor were very excited, but 3 days later the test came back negative.

Now the thinking became more positive, on 6 April we were transferred to the Institute of Infectious Diseases. Dr. Alok Mohta, Kavita Sharma, and Class IV employee Jairam took very good care there. Provide every facility.

On April 8, my third test was positive and I was disappointed. The reason was immediately understood that we were not allowed to take our daily medicines and a pair of clothes along with the clothes we had left from the house and asked us to test it in half an hour and get rid of the house and walk immediately.

We had to move back wearing only one pair of infected clothes and due to the strict attitude of the administration, we could not get anything out of the house, and due to the reuse of these infected clothes, we got infected again.

He said that he underwent treatment again for three to four days and my wife’s report came back negative and he was discharged. My report was positive but I did not lose courage. Thinking maintained positive.

When I complained about the quality of food, nurse Kavita Sharma started giving me hot food every morning and evening as per taste, coconut water, and mixed taste from the hospital and her house. Because of which everything went well.

Uttamchandani said that 1 hour of Pranayam daily, lemon, turmeric water in the morning, 7-8 liters of hot water a day, green tea four times, coconut water, salt turmeric 4 times, 4 to 5 times steam and 7 Started reading Hanuman Chalisa bar.

After this, on coming negative, he was given a good farewell from the hospital. Neighbors were greeted upon reaching home. Tears of joy came when the news of the discharge was reported to the wife, sister, brother, daughters in Bangalore, and New York.

Date- When positive-negative came

March 22 – Positive
2 April – positive
April 4 – Negative
April 6 – Negative
8 April-positive
12 April-positive
15 April-positive
April 18-positive
22 April-positive
April 27- Negative

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